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Against Fake




一、      所有未经深圳市威普索思科技有限公司合法授权生产、销售本公司的专利产品的厂家和商家,必须马上停止侵权行为;

二、      非法仿制和在阿里巴巴及有关网站上销售深圳市威普索思科技有限公司专利产品的仿品的厂家与商家,请立即与本公司联系相关道歉赔偿事宜。否则,本公司将对其采取进一步的法律手段;

三、      本申明发布后,对于继续侵害本公司权益的厂家或商家,深圳市威普索思科技公司将通过司法机关追究侵权人的民事、刑事法律责任;

四、      请中间贸易商不要向制假厂家采购侵权产品,一旦查处,你方也将承担相关法律责任。


                                                                              申明人: 深圳市威普索思科技有限公司


Against Fake Declaration

Recently there is a lot producing and selling of the VS patented product, seriously harm the profits of consumer and our company. VaporSource Company starts the Counterfeiting activism for the second time.

We have authorized the law firm has overall responsibility for the company's rights crackdown matters. Declarations are as follows:

1       Manufacturers and merchants who are unauthorized for the patents products by VaporSource, must stop their infringement.

2       Illegal copies and copies-seller in Alibaba or other website. Please contact apology and compensation related matters with VaporSource company immediately.

3       After this declaration,to the seller or manufacturer who continue infringement. Shenzhen VaporSource Technology company will pursue the infringer's civil and criminal liability by the judiciary

4       Authorized dealers are forbid to purchase the infringing products from the counterfeiting factory. Once investigated, your will also bear legal responsibility



Shenzhen VaporSource Technology company



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